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The Expert Line

Are you passionate about your beautiful powerful car? Do you want to create a sound system that reflects who you are?

The Performance range, innovative and dynamic, delivers sound to make your spine tingle. Ultra-technical and assertively designed, Performance was conceived to bring extreme sensations. If the tradiitonal Access line marks the entry-point to this universe, you can push the limits of your creativity to theri very peaks with the Expert range. Power and fidelity work hand in hand : "live" sound in all its dimensions for the most demanding audiophile.
<center>Flax Cone Technology</center>
Flax Cone Technology

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Flax Coaxials

  • PC 130 F
  • PC 165 F

Flax Subwoofers

  • Sub P 20 F
  • Sub P 25 F
  • Sub P 30 F

Flax Components

  • PS 165 FX
    Focal Performance Expert Flax PS165FX
  • PS 165 F
    Focal Performance Expert Flax PS165F
  • PS 130 F
    Focal Performance Expert Flax PS130F PS 130 F
  • PS 165 F3
    Focal Performance Expert Flax PS165F3


  • PC 100
    Focal Performance Expert PC100
  • PC 130
    Focal Performance Expert PC130
  • PC 165
    Focal Performance Expert PC 165 PC165


  • PS 130 V1
    Focal Performance PS 130 V
  • PS 165 V1
    Focal Performance PS 165 V


  • DSA 500 RT
  • Sub P 25 DB
    Focal Performance Expert Sub P 25 DB
  • Sub P 30 DB
    Focal Performance Expert Sub P 30 DB


  • 13 WS
    Focal Elite Utopia Be 13WS Subwoofer
  • 33 WX 2
    Focal Elite Utopia Be 33WX2
  • 21 WX
    Focal Elite Utopia Be 21WX
  • FDS 2.350
  • Nº 7
    Focal Elite Utopia Be