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Plug & Play

Plug & Play Dedicated Kits

Focal's Integration line aims to meets the following demands: " Accessibility, Easy installation, Pleasure ". In the last few years, the update of an audiomobile system has become more and more complex (ergonomic loss of on-board computer control functions, remote screens, porting circuit into MOST technology, reduction of depth space for speakers...). However, our research has revealed continuing interest in audiophile sound quality, whatever the vehicle type or the driver's age. How could we introduce an innovative, simple, efficient and perceptible method of delivering the best of sound to the complex systems? Our R&D engineers have studied the question and have found a solution: Dedicated Kits. Plug and Play features a philosophy built on enjoyment, respect, and accessibility to extraordinary quality!

Made with regard to the original locations and the design created by the car manufacturer not only on the mechanic plan, but also on the acoustic plan (sound rendering improvement, taking into account the volumes and the inherent car interior restraints) Plug & Play joins the promising Integration program aimed at specific vehicles sold worldwide.

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IFVW Golf6
IFVW Golf6

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Dedicated Toyota Kits

  • IC 165TOY
  • IC 690 TOY
  • IS 165 TOY
  • IS 690 TOY

Dedicated BMW Kits

    Focal Integration Plug & Play IFBMW-C
    Focal Integration Plug & Play IFBMW
  • IFBMW-Sub V2

Dedicated VW Kits

  • IFVW Golf 6
    Focal Integration Plug & Play IFVW Golf
  • IC 165 VW
  • IS 165 VW

Bass Enclosures

  • IBUS 2.1
    Focal Integration iBus 2.1
  • IBUS 20
    Focal Integration iBus 20

Amplifiers & Accessories

  • Impulse 4.320
  • IY-AC Impulse 4.320 Cable