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K2 Power

The Spirit of Sound... with a Kick

Developed to allow you to reach the very top levels of acoustic reproduction and bass, the K2 Power range symbolizes Focal’s expertise. Combining an evocative mix of pure sound control with detailed dynamics, speed and sophistication, the “Power Hi-Fi” concept, originally developed by Focal, has all the hallmarks of a reference line. Our signature yellow Aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter combines smoothness, precision, and clarity, optimizing imaging and producing an astonishingly loud, clear, and realistic soundstage. This key component makes the difference from the competition.

Another element essential to Focal’s reputation for creating the very highest sound quality are the cones and subwoofers in the K2 Power line. They combine very high power handling and extremely detailed sound thanks to the exceptional rigidity of the K2’s composite sandwich cone technology. Built with precision, impact and the culture of car audio, K2 Power represents our passion to build and deliver the best.
<center>K2 Composite<BR> Sandwich Cone</center>
K2 Composite
Sandwich Cone

This cone structure features a thermoformed, structural foam central core coated with an Aramid fiber layer on the front side and a glass layer, directly derived from the Utopia series, on the back side. This hybrid technology significantly improves cone rigidity without raising the weight. This results in a cone that is distortion free even at high volume levels.


K2 Power crossovers are equipped with high performance audiophile components. The Polypropylene capacitors provide very high definition and air core inductors offer great dynamics. For optimal integration, KR series kits are equipped with a tweeter level control switch (0/-3/-6 dB) and midrange position matching.

<center>TNK & TN53K Tweeters</center>
TNK & TN53K Tweeters

Featuring a painstakingly developed Aramid fiber inverted dome, the TNK tweeter creates a very precise soundstage. Its magnet ring structure creates a magnetic flow that ensures optimal voice coil control, while its slightly deepened inverted dome reduces directivity and strongly links the cone and voice coil, elevating output levels. TN53K features an Aramid fiber cone covered with a precisely engineered waveguide and diffuser, for the ultimate in sound.


  • 130 KRC
    Focal Elite K2 Power 130 KRC
  • 165 KRC
    Focal Elite K2 Power 165 KRC


  • 130 KR
    Focal Elite K2Power 130KR
  • 165 KR
    Focal Elite K2Power KR
  • 165 KR2
    Focal Elite K2Power KR2
  • 165 KRX2
    Focal Elite K2Power 165 KRX2 165KRX2
  • 165 KRX3
    Focal Elite K2 Power 165KRX3


  • 100 KRS
    Focal Elite K2 Power 100 KRS
  • 165 KRXS
    Focal Elite K2 Power 165KRXS


  • 27 KX
    Focal Elite K2Power 27KX
  • 33 KX
    Focal Elite K2Power 33KX
  • 40 KX
    Focal Elite K2Power 40KX