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Introducing Flax Subs!

Introducing Flax Subs!

March 5, 2015

In Summer 2013, Focal revealed its new “F” Sandwich cone. F for flax, the plant from which the fibres are extracted. Recognised worldwide for the musicality of its Flax speakers, Focal is bringing in a new addition to the Expert line of the Performance range, new subwoofers integrating this renowned cone.

Focus on the new Flax technology

Sandwich technology greatly influences the neutrality of the sound produced by the cone, something which has always been Focal’s hallmark. Focal wanted to use non-woven fibres in order to mechanise the moulding of the cones. After substantial research, flax, an ecological textile, was chosen as the innovative solution to mechanise production of the sandwich structure. High-quality flax fibres are enclosed by two thin layers of glass fibre. The Flax cone therefore makes it possible to provide high performances at a competitive price. In addition to its high-performance acoustics, this new cone gives an original design to the brand’s speaker drivers!

Improved mobility

Besides the 320gr/m2 Flax cone, this new subwoofer from the Expert line benefits from several other innovations, raising its performance to an even higher level. The magnet is equipped with a new voice coil cooling system, making it even more reliable. Glass fibre has been used for the voice coil to make it more robust while protecting the cone from the heat emitted, and the high excursion improves the bass level. Keeping on the subject of improved reliability for extreme use, the Flax subwoofer also marks the inauguration of a new fastening connecting the cone to the voice coil.

In order to reduce distortion, the subwoofer also features a new type of suspension and a new means of fastening the spider.

Three models with great flexibility of use to satisfy the demands of the market

These three Flax subwoofers with a single 4-Ohm voice coil have been studied to ensure optimal performance in both closed and bass-reflex cabinets. Ideal for very compact cabinets the P20F is an 8″ (20cm) model with 250 Watts RMS. For those looking for greater bass but with limited space, the P25F is a 10″ (25cm) model with 300 Watts RMS. Finally, for those who won’t compromise on bass and who want a high SPL, the P30F is a 12″ (30cm) model with 400 Watts RMS.

Key points

– New exclusive Flax cone with unbelievable rigidity – Improved excursion thanks to the new suspension – Optimised cooling of the voice coil
– Ideal for closed or bass-reflex systems
– Very good price/performance ratio

In integrating Flax technology into this new line, Focal wishes to affirm its position in the subwoofer market following the great success of the new Access subwoofers in 2014.