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IFBMW Review

Focal Integration Plug & Play IFBMW-C

IFBMW Review

October 27, 2014

“Even more profound was the sound quality of the coaxial drivers. The muddy, amorphous vocals I’d grown used to were replaced by a highly articulate and lively midrange, with voices sounding noticeably more detailed and exciting and a significantly more convincing stereo image arrayed before me. The sparkling quality of the Focals’ midrange was quite vibrant, and this continued up into the treble, where the new tweeters were positively crystalline. And the system was able to play far louder while remaining composed than the stock BMW system could ever hope to….”

“…But the best part about the Focal system? It not only sounds great, you can install it yourself, then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Man, is it a great time to be an audiophile.”

Hans Wetzel, SoundStage! Access

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