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Universal Line

You have a car and you enjoy listening to music. We've got what you need: the systems of the Integration line.

Easy and quick to install, you can even do it yourself, easily replace your original system and these speakers will give you the best Focal sound. There are no technical or aesthetic changes to your car interior; your car headunit is not changed, your steering-wheel controls work perfectly! At the heart of the Universal range, every compactly sized system is very simple to fit. Forget the old, now you can hear all the difference and live the emotion that comes from quality sound.


  • ISC 100
    Integration Universal ISC 100
  • ISC 130
    Focal Integration Universal ISC130
  • ISC 165
    Focal Integration Universal ISC165
  • ISC 690
    Focal Integration Universal ISC690
  • ISC 570
  • TIS 1.5
    Integration Universal TIS 1.5 Tweeter


  • ISS 130
    Focal Integration Universal ISS130
  • ISS 165
    Focal Integration Universal ISS165
  • ISS 170
  • ISS 200
  • ISS 570
    Focal Integration Universal ISS570
  • ISS 690
    Focal Integration Universal ISS690