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Elite Amplifiers

Focal Power Symmetric

Amplifiers dedicated to music lovers, but also to people in search of a true audiophile amplifier.

Among other sophistications, Symmetric Amplifiers feature a dual mono symmetric construction (PCB circuits in perfect mirror) that clearly increases the independent performance of the channels, while simultaneously improving the staging and the stereo disassociation, even before the thermo-regulated fan begins rotating from 50°C. The “T” shape of the cooling fins also permits to win 17% of active dissipation surface while guaranteeing extreme rigidity to the chassis and a robust and distinguished character of the outside aspect.

PCB 2oz
From an electronic point of view, the FPS is originally equipped with a sturdy double layer 2oz PCB, specifically adapted to the audio field. In the manner of the audiophile hi-fi circuits, it’s locally tinned to guarantee optimum transfer of electric current when necessary.

The brand new “plus”
It’s situated outside the amplifier. The High-Cap permits an upgrade of the FPS amplifiers clearly increasing the regulation capacity in the downstream of the power supply. Example: you can go from 18,800 microfarads to 42,500 microfarads with the FPS 2160, thus improving stability, dynamic behavior, residual noise reduction, power and bass handling.

Focal Power Symmetric

  • FPS 3000
    Focal Elite Amplifiers FPS Power Symmetric FPS 3000
  • FPS 1500
    Focal Elite Amplifiers Power Symmetric FPS 1500
  • FPS 2160
    Focal Elite Amplifiers FPS Power Symmetric FPS2160
  • FPS 2300RX
    Focal Elite Amplifiers Power Symmetric FPS 2300RX
  • FPS 4160
    Focal Elite Amplifiers Power Symmetric FPS 4160
  • High Cap
    Focal Elite Amplifiers FPS High Cap HighCap