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34 Years of Superior Production

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The Spirit of Sound

Since its foundation, Focal-JMlab has grown to become one of the main manufacturers of high fidelity, integration and multimedia systems. Headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car, monitor speakers for recording studio and headphones.

The company’s key strength is its complete integration and quality control of the loudspeaker manufacturing process, from the design of drive units,cabinets and crossovers to the assembly of the finished product. This delivers a consistency of performance that stands far above its rivals. Focal maintains an intense, continual program of research and development into drive-unit technologies and improving sound quality; many patents have been registered.

Q. How do you pronounce Focal?
A. Foe-kal
Q. Are my products covered under warranty?
A. If you purchased your Focal Mobile Audio products from one of our Authorized Dealers, you may be in luck. Contact us with your questions at For Focal Home and Focal Professional product questions, contact Audio Plus at 800.663.9352.
Q. I’ve started to see the 165V30 components around. Which model do these replace and what are the sound quality differences?
A. The 165V30 are an anniversary model that Focal brought out to commemorate their 30th year in business. Included are some classy cosmetic details but mostly the improved sound quality. They are the replacement for the 165VR. They have a more “laid back” sound than their VR predecessors.
Q. What is the advantage of bi-amping the 165KRX3?
A. Having a separate set of channels powering the 3″ mid and tweet and a set of channels to run the 6.5″ midbass driver has the following advantages:- more control over the volume levels in order to get a perfect balance.- you can now time align the drivers separately if they are mounted in a Not so ideal position. (if you have a time alignment option of course)- It is also an easier load on the amplifier running in bi-amp mode since there is a slightly lower impedance dip in the midbass region when the kit is not bi-amped. This is not a problem for most better quality, more stable amplifiers but it could be a problem on a lower quality, less stable amp.
Q. On a Focal tweeter, which wire is positive?
A. The red striped wire is positive.
Q. On some Focal tweeters there are a set of little (1/2 moon) wave guides on the tweeters. Which way should they be facing when you install them?
A. They help the dispersion pattern of the tweeter to work best with the position you mounted them in. eq. To disperse the Sound more horizontally than vertically you have the (half moon wave guides) on the top and the bottom. To disperse the sound more vertically than horizontally you mount them where the wave guides are on the left and the right side of the tweeter.

Our Team

Focal America is based out of sunny Southern California, with representatives throughout the country and retailers in every state.
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Focal Factory in Saint Etienne, France

The majority of Focal's flagship products are manufactured and assembled at the headquarters in Saint Etienne.