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Focal Displays

Focal Display

Experience the Spirit of Sound

The Focal Display has been painstakingly designed and engineered in California by Focal in order to provide the listener with the most accurate portrayal of our products. The sound quality you experience from our displays is exactly what you'll receive once properly installed in your vehicles by a seasoned technician at one of our authorized retailers.

Looking for a Display?
Looking for a Display?

Use our Dealer Locator! Just enter your information, select "Stores with Displays" from the dropdown, and go! Dealers that carry one of our Displays are signified with the dealer locator icon.


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Still looking?
Still looking?

Or just interested in seeing one of your local Authorized Dealers carrying one of our Focal Displays? Let them know, or Contact Us!

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Try It Yourself

Pick Your Sound

The dealer will have plenty of audiophile quality music for demonstration. For the full effect, bring along high quality music files of your choice and a compatible listening device. This will give you the most accurate representation of the system with your own tastes.

Change The Configuration

Want to compare and contrast the lines? Our displays are crafted in order to allow dealers to switch back and forth between our different product lines with ease. Choose any combination of products you’re interested in trying out.

Many of our Authorized Retailers feature our Focal Displays, fully equipped for demonstrating the best and newest products Focal has to offer!

These displays are designed and engineered by Focal America in order to give customers the best possible listening experience. Instead of relying on word of mouth, we want you to hear the exceptional quality firsthand.

  Technical Notes

  • Sides angled for better sound quality
  • 10” Sub has 5” diameter vent
  • 12” Sub has 6” diameter vent in order to reproduce bass like a home theater system
  • 7 pairs of 6.5“ speakers
  • Each speaker has its own individual critically damped and tuned cabinet
  • Constructed similarly to high-end home speakers utilizing Blackhole 5 damping materials inside the 1” thick MDF walls

The Extra Mile: Focal Showcases

Some Focal dealers have gone the extra mile to provide their customers with the ultimate listening experience. These deluxe showrooms offer a more secluded environment for testing products, as well as a more extensive array of the Focal luxury product lines.

Audio Express

Audio Express

1121 Alverser Dr Midlothian, VA

(804) 379-3233

Auto Tronic Services

Auto Tronic Services

1335 HWY 315 Plains, Wilkes-Barre, PA

(570) 954-2217

Still have questions?

Contact your local authorized retailer with a display, or call Focal America directly at 805.484.4355!